We would request you to go through the following information thoroughly as it will give you vital information about our range of products and the respective unique features in a comprehensive and concise manner. 

WebCanvas Designs For The Web And Print.

Our Products are as follows:  

* Favicons
* Logos
* Banners
* Headers
* Product Covers
* Flyers
* Advertisements
* Websites

All our designs come in static or animated versions. They are all designed in Photoshop and not in Flash. The animations may appear to contain the effects that are found in Flash, but they are all Photoshop effects.

Why Choose WebCanvas?

- We do not use any graphics generating softwares.

- Every design is 100% customized to meet your unique requirements.

- You are the sole owner of your design.

- We do not outsource our work. You communicate with the designer personally, eliminating the possibility of any communication issues.

- All our products come in .gif, .jpeg, .tif or .png formats and are compatible with every browser or print requirement.

- You now have access to Flash effects that come in gif. or .png formats!

- You get more than just a regular graphics. WebCanvas produces exquisite products that are high resolution, sleek, professional, highly creative and outstanding.

- Our website designs come as simple plain HTML templates with high standard graphics. They are all multi-browser compatible.

- Customized, Industry compatible themes and styles.

- Most of the styles and other tools used for WebCanvas designs are customized and unique. You will not be able to find them elsewhere on the Internet.

- We design for the web and print. - You get spectacular graphics at affordable rates.

- Excellent Direct Client Service with our designer through Skype, Gtalk or Email.

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